About:Blank Removal

About:Blank removal tools to help you get rid of the about:blank home page hijacker. About:blank hijacks can be caused by any one of hundreds of spyware browser hijackers and sometimes by computer worm infections. They can be recognised by pop-up ads and/or the browser homepage being set to an unwanted web search engine which can't be changed permanently. The URL and title of the site and/or pop-up ads are set to 'about:blank'.

To evade removal they use random names and multiple dlls that can replace each other if one is deleted. As well as that, increasingly complex variants are constantly being released in an attempt to stay ahead of the spyware removal programs that detect and remove them. As a result most anti-spyware programs are now unable to detect and remove the latest variants. To get rid of it you need to use a combination of two anti-spyware progams that are proven to remove the latest variants of these malicious programs:

  • CWShredder (courtesy of Trend Micro.) - A tool specialized in the removal of CoolWWWSearch browser hijackers, a known cause of this problem. (for Windows XP/2000/Me/98 SE only)

  • Spyware Doctor - A leading anti-spyware program that can remove the most problematic of about:blank hijackers. (requires paid registration)

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes is a popular free program with a good reputation.

Before running these programs it's best to delete your 'temporary internet files' including offline content in case executable code is hidden in those files. In your browser click Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files. Then close all browser windows and run both programs. Reboot your system and run Spyware Doctor a second time removing any possible remaining infections. You will then be able to open your browser and set the homepage to the webpage of your choice. If you have any problems try running in safe mode with networking or installing via an external drive.

Please do not hesitate to if you have any questions regarding about:blank removal.

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